Talent acquisition focused on the human element

Talent acquisition focused on the human element

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Our mission is to provide top talent to the client partner that encompasses the Professional Placement Services galvanizing "Good Egg" mantra. As a versatile staffing and recruitment firm with diverse industry experience, we seek to provide project-based, contract-to-hire, and direct placement services that focus on delivering the right combination of hard skills and soft skills—career-focused candidates that are accountable, willing to learn and develop with your specialized teams.

Who We Are

We are consultative, partnering with our clients, years of industry focus allowing us to recognize those professional paths most likely to result in a quantifiable and lasting success. From initial sourcing to onboarding, we take on and streamline the entire hiring process, providing every business we enable with more time and resources to focus on the growth and prosperity of their organization.

Our experience includes manufacturing, industrial, trades, administrative, semiconductor, logistics, supply chain, sales, engineering, procurement, hospitality and beyond.

Meet Our Team

Get to know the amazing recruitment and staffing experts you will be working with at PPS.

The values that guide us


We believe in transparency at every stage of the hiring process. Our teams engage with all prospective individuals directly, laying out all potential scenarios and providing guidance on which we see as most mutually beneficial to client partner and candidate alike. Honesty is the core value that guides our teams’ ethical decision-making process.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards, always seeking to effectively empower the candidate and partner alike, establishing those connections that build one vicariously up with other, never sacrificing and always engaging hiring obstacles other will not. PPS strives to emphasize the human element. This core tenet allows our teams to care for others and be of maximum service to building successful companies and careers.


Our mission is simple—to provide exemplary service to both employer and candidate. This is achieved through maintaining a strong moral compass that guides every step in the decision-making process and cultivates relationships as though every individual we work with is a member of our team. We under-promise and over-deliver, letting the success of every precise action we take speak for itself.

Our Process

Defined by dedication and diligence. Our process is second to none.

At Professional Placement Service, we have proven that if you listen, communicate and appreciate the details you can consistently achieve a higher level of success.


PPS sources our national network of industry connections, major job boards, relevant social media channels, chambers and affiliated associations.


Our recruiters identify and engage with each candidate in an initial interview phase to determine mutual match of skill, shift, pay, distance and soft skills that guarantee a long term fit.


Candidates clearing the initial vetting phase will move into second level talent pipeline to engage with recruiting team leadership.


When criteria are met, our leadership teams build a candidate profile to deliver to the partner that encapsulates the candidate's portfolio.


If the second interview goes well, we perform pre-employment background, drug testing and examine driving records to further ensure viability.


PPS coordinates sendout for partner hiring teams to assess and evaluate the candidate.


We ensure that the onboarding process is streamlined and effective, helping the candidate acclimate to their new role.

PPS is your advocate and trusted partner.

Humanizing every aspect of the hiring experience.