Experience driven skilled trades recruitment

Experience driven skilled trades recruitment

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Identifying opportunities for lasting professional connections.

Professional Placement Services specializes in facilitating those connections, enabling highly competitive companies to access skilled trades talent that goes beyond meeting their immediate needs and looks towards the future, exceeding any and all current organizational limitations standing in the way of future success. We partner with our clients, helping them firmly establish their growth goals and, in turn, design hiring strategies that will allow them to secure those valuable leaders and tradespeople in high demand.

Skilled trade recruiters and consultants

PPS has built the relationships your business will need to manage and secure the skilled trades talent and leadership who will truly impact the growth potential of your business. Projects can’t be completed without the workforce to manage them, and skilled trades roles are currently the hardest roles to place across the country. Our specialized skilled trades recruiters have the deep industry knowledge to accurately place the construction, industrial, motive power, and service roles vital to your business remaining competitive and securing market share.

Through the use of a multinational network and the leveraging of strategic industry alliances and cross-sector partnerships, we offer a level of access that others cannot.

Versatility equals success. Our extensive placement experience.


PPS puts people first.

Trade recruiters who find the skills essential to success.