Assess. Engage.

PPS offers driven and highly qualified candidates with the chance to realize their potential. Offering career opportunities within a diverse and growing set of industries, we provide guidance, coaching, and advocacy enabled by decades of staffing and recruiting experience.

Our recruiters and industry-specific consultants provide a detailed assessment, determining your ideal career path and ensuring you connect with the people and professional ecosystems that will help you grow.

Our Mission. Our Mantra. Focused on the People.

Our mission is to identify the ideal career opportunity that will place a candidate in a position with maximum amount of success, growth, and downstream vision. We do this through a rigorous process of collaborative discovery in which we can accurately determine if you and our partner client will be a seamless match.

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Looking beyond the surface. Laying the foundations of your professional future.

We look for “Good Eggs,” candidates who possess the hard skills required for successful execution of the position's duties, responsibilities, and soft skills—positive mental attitude, willingness, gratitude, downstream vision, accountability within PPS process, and a drive to achieve—that will make the candidate stand out and productively connect with their peers.

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We bring our candidates access to next-level success.