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Talent Sourcing Strategist

Solon, OH, USA


Talent Sourcing Strategist (Non-Traditional Recruiting)

Calling all Sourcing Superstars! Ready to ignite our team at PPS with your dynamic energy and infectious enthusiasm? We’re on the hunt for a Talent Sourcer who’s ready to supercharge their talent-searching engines, take their sourcing skills to the open road, and help us build our talent pipeline for years to come! Join our team on an epic journey of growth and success!

What’s the Gig?

As a PPS Talent Sourcer, you’ll be the trailblazer of talent…responsible for uncovering the hidden gems that will drive our team’s success.

Picture this: You’re dancing through the digital landscape, unlocking strategic sourcing strategies. From online hunting grounds to social media hangouts, you’re making connections like a pro. But that’s not all…you’re diving deep into industry-specific communities, networking to your heart’s delight, and creating a buzz like no other!

What’s on Your Journey?

Curated Sourcing: You’re not just any Talent Sourcer, you’re a specialized hunter! Your sourcing strategies are as diverse as the roads less traveled. Online platforms, social media superhighways, and community hotspots…you’ve got them all mapped out!

Recruiting Dream Team: You’re not just on your own…you’re an integral part of our recruiting ecosystem! You’ll be collaborating with recruiters to decipher the secret language of each position…so you can spot the perfect puzzle pieces faster than a master solver, putting together the ultimate team mosaic at warp speed!

Magic Keyword Spells: You’ve got searches mastered like a Gandalf’s spell book. You’re summoning active and passive candidates with the skills, knowledge, and culture vibe that’s right on the mark!

Culture Matchmaker: You’re not just matching skills – you’re playing matchmaker with our partner’s culture. Your radar for alignment with core values is sharper than a Katana blade!

Pipeline Master: You’ve got pipelines flowing like the mighty Mississippi, always staying a step ahead of the game. And when it comes to nurturing relationships, you’re the whisperer of our candidate experience!

Guru Gathering: You’re dancing with the talent acquisition trailblazers, soaking in industry forums, and building relationships like a campfire storyteller. You’re not just sourcing talent – you’re building a forever network!

Crafty Communicator: Your messages are more captivating than a sunset over the Smoky Mountains. You’re crafting emails and awareness that make candidates feel like they’re already part of the team.

Essential Road Trip Gear:

Social Media Adventurer: You’re a social media virtuoso, navigating industry communities with ease. You know how to reach out and engage like a true influencer!

Communication Champion: Your communication skills are top-notch. You’re relaying messages that resonate with candidates to illustrate their careers ahead!

Sourcing Pioneer: Fast-paced and ever-changing…that’s where you thrive! You’re self-motivated and always up for an adventure.

Why PPS?

Scenic Route to Success: You’ll be part of deep-rooted foundations…shaping the future of our teams.

Ascending Trajectory: Our dynamic ecosystem means your career can shoot past the Stars.

So…say YES to an epic sourcing journey like no other?

The adventure of your dreams starts here!!!


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