Why Choose PPS?

Our interviewing and selection process is second to none through dedication and diligence. Whether these positions are hourly or salaried we start by enveloping all of the cost ourselves. We source through major job boards, networking, social media, chambers, and associations to name a few. Once our dedicated staff of senior recruiters identifies a candidate, they start with a telephone interview to determine the four basics; skill, shift, pay and distance. If these criteria are met, we extend an in house interview to determine the candidate’s viability. We watch for their timeliness, their appearance, their demeanor, their ambition, and the cultural fit along with the obvious skill sets that make them “a good egg.” If our seasoned recruiters approve them as a strong candidate we then extend a second level interview with our Sales Executive and/or Management staff. If the second interview is in agreement, we then contact the employers hiring manager to schedule an in house interview at their facility. If we recommend an interview we feel very strongly that the employer will extend an offer. Prior to the interview we perform pre-employment background, drug testing and driving records. At that time our employers make the decision to extend an offer of employment, request an additional interview or reject our candidate. If we do not meet the needs of our customer through the candidate we require feedback to perform a better service. We then start the process again. Typically seven out of ten of our employer interviews turn into an offer from the employer.

Additional reasons to choose PPS as your partner:

• Ability to focus on your core business.
• Let us pay for the high cost of advertising.
• Relief of reviewing countless resumes.
• Relief of pre-screening unqualified candidates
• Interview only qualified candidates.
• Increase employee retention
• Increased production.
• Freedom of evaluation.